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Windows 10 will now have a light theme in the May 2019 update

You will now be able to choose between a light, dark or custom theme. There will also be a new windows light wallpaper.

More info and how to change themes and full article here.

I am a windows insider so already have the new themes however I went back to the default theme as it was too light and conflicting with other things.

Windows 10 May 2019 update having issues with outdated Qualcomm wireless network adapter drivers.

Microsoft is saying that users upgrading to the new update are having sporadic wifi connectivity due to the outdated Wifi drivers. MS is warning users to update the wifi driver before upgrading manually since there has been a block put on to stop pc's from automatically updating until the new wireless driver has been installed.

Microsoft is also warning users to stop using the old security protocols TKIP and WEP and use either WPA2 or WPA3

Full article here.

Is it me or are a lot of things breaking with the latest updates? lol

Newest windows update will allow users to update at their own pace

Microsoft will now start allowing user to decide when and if they want to update to the latest version of Windows starting with the May 2019 update. Although there will be a 35 day pause period. Once that 35 days has passed, the user will need to update to be able to pause updates again. As a potential user, the pause period should reduce the amount of system crashes because of the update. If a certain update tends to cause crashes then that gives MS 35 days to fix the issue before the update is forced to install. So unless I'm reading this wrong, its basically just letting the user pause the update instead of letting them decide not to install the update permanently. Full article here.

RTX 2080 Update

An update on the somewhat-widespread RTX 2080 failures reported in very late October. Initial findings may indicate sub-par or poorly-contacting/conducting thermal padding on some cards.


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