Computer at risk through network?

For reasons still not entirely clear to me, among my small circle of associates, I have become the "go to" guy for computer problems. I just recently had a co-worker whose computer was remotely access through his girlfriend opening an email (apparently the mouse was moving on it own, etc.) I thought, since he couldn't find his key for Windows 10 (he ordered the computer online), I would see if I could eradicate the problem without scrubbing his hard drive. But if I bring his desktop home, and put it on my router (with a different ISP), would I be placing my computer or router at risk? We have our security set with the WPA2-AES protocol, and a password, but not being really into wi-fi (just yet, I did just get a book on networking in the last few days), I thought I'd check with you guys first.

I did plan on doing as much as I could to eradicate the threat before going online with it, but I certainly want to be careful.



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Very unlikely you'd have an issue.

That said, Windows 10 will reactivate automatically even if you wipe the drive and don't have the key. It saves activation in the BIOS now. You can also make a Microsoft account if they don't have one already and tie the activation to the account.

Usually MalwareBytes and AdwCleaner should pick up what you need. Often times those remote access things don't even do anything but just want money for "tech support" or similar. Decent chance they did though so if a clean install isn't too impractical still might be worthwhile.