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Hello and welcome to PC Tech Forum! Thank you very much for joining our community. We know you're eager to post a question or help someone else figure out a problem, but there are a few things we'd appreciate if you read first. PCTF is a family-friendly area and we do have a few rules in place in order to help preserve that atmosphere for all age groups present. Please review everything below so you're familiar with them. Thank you for helping to make PCTF the go-to place for computer support:)

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions area you may want to review as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any Staff Member for clarification.


* Posting of sexual material (either discussion of or photos/videos), excessive profanity, and threatening another Member (physically or with threat of a cyber attack) is expressly forbidden. Seriously, don't do it. This is a family-friendly forum. We cannot stress this enough: no warnings issued.

* Posting about any illegal activity is also expressly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: committing a physical crime, committing a cyber crime, drug use, software dissemination/hacking/bypassing, closed source software modification, firewall workarounds, IP address masking.

* Further clarification regarding above: Any sort of closed-source software decryption/dissemination is off-limits, regardless what you think/say the intention is. This includes: activation key generation, cracking/hacking passwords (including an OS Administrator password), DRM stripping, firewall workarounds, keystroke recording/tracking, software activation bypasses/hacks, discussion/distribution of illegally-obtained software, or advice on how to obtain illegal software. Again, none of these are allowed; this is a help forum, not a hacker forum. Your Thread will be locked and/or Posts deleted.

* Users are allowed ONE (1) account. Creation of additional accounts will cause both accounts to be flagged and potentially banned. We enforce this for multiple reasons, but mainly to uphold the integrity of the forum. If you wish to change your account name, please contact an Admin and they will be able to assist you.

* As per above, if you find yourself banned for whatever reason and proceed to create additional accounts, we will assume the subsequent accounts will be for nefarious purposes (spamming, trolling, trying to pick a fight, etc) and they will also be banned. If you have questions about the decision or feel the ban was unfair, you may email and an Admin will contact you via email.

* Spamming is not allowed for any product in any format (Posts, Profile Posts, QR Codes in Avatars, and/or Signature links). VIPs are allowed to link to their websites if they would like, and other Members can submit a request to the Mod/Admin team if they would like to post a link to theirs. The Mod/Admin team retains discretion to immediately shut down blatant spammers who set up their account for the sole purpose of doing so.

* GOFUNDME and LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) links are not allowed. LMGTFY is, in simplest terms, crass. People of all skill levels come here for questions and we will not berate them for asking those questions. GFM and LMGTFY posts will be considered spam and dealt with accordingly.

* Please do not post multiple Threads concerning the same topic in multiple sub-forums, as it leads to excess confusion with those responding. If you're not sure where your particular question or issue belongs, choose where you think it would fit the best. If we have to, we'll move/merge it to the proper area and notify you so you know where to follow it.

* Please do not resurrect Threads more than 2 months old unless absolutely necessary. 'Bumping' an old Thread simply to post an agreement with something contained within pushes active Threads further down the forum list and lessens the chance of others assisting with them. If you have a similar problem as contained in an older Thread but there is no solution, please create a new Thread; as mentioned above, if we have to merge it we will.

* Members are required to have a minimum of 50 Posts in order to post items they are selling. We require this so people do not simply join to try and unload their items. All items for sale must have pictures. Posts of this nature need to have your PCTF user name and date visible in the pictures of items you are selling in the following format: (PCTF) (user name) (date)
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