Malwarebytes is now forcing lifetime licenses to 1 PC instead of 3


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With the latest release of Malwarebytes 3.8, a new license is being used to enforce the 1 pc per lifetime license restriction. When Malwarebytes was originally released, you could pay $24.95 for a lifetime subscription. In 2014, they decided to switch to a yearly subscription and offering additional lifetime licenses for $24.95 for a limited time. This license was only intended to be used on 1 machine but wasn't enforced when used on other machines.

Now when you upgrade to version 3.8 they will notice that you will get a popup saying that your license is only good on one of your machines. You will have to create an account and login to deactivate it on the less important pc's so you can use it on the most important one. But according to the article's comments, seems there are many different versions of what it should have been.

Full article and more info here.