New feature coming to the Windows 10 calculator


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Microsoft will be adding a graphing feature to the windows calculator. The purpose of this is to help students learn to graph in algebra class. All the user has to do is enter the equation and the program will automatically start graphing it out.

They have been working on it for about a year and plans on incorporating a third party program to render the graph. The new calculator program would include the following features.

  • Users can enter an equation so that it can be viewed on the graph.
  • Users can enter multiple equations so that they can compare plots against each other and see the interactions between the lines.
  • Users can edit equations so that they can see how changes affect the plot and correct mistakes.
  • Users can change the graph viewing window so that they can see different parts of the plot at different levels of detail.
  • Users can change line visual options so that they can clearly differentiate between multiple plots.
  • Users can export graphs so that they can share it with others or incorporate into Office/Teams.
  • Users can easily manipulate secondary variables in equations so that they can quickly understand how changes to equations affect the graph.
  • Users can see traceable key graph features (KGF) as nodes/dots on the equations, and summon other KGFs in a list so that they can better understand the important features of a given function.
  • Users can trace plots so that they can better understand the relationship between variables in the equation on the graph.

Link to the article on BleepingComputer -


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I guess that's kinda cool. I don't know about "teaching" per say... but I can see people using it to be lazy and cheat on their homework. lol