Photography Softwares


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Simple thread to list all the softwares you're using to edit your photos. Editing doesn't mean making a photo unreal, most of the time it is used to adjust badly done settings on the camera. I, for one, use RAW editing software and HDR to try to make it as I saw it while I took the picture.

RAW editing: UFRaw. A stand alone software that can be integreted into GIMP if I'm not mistaken. It is a bit not user friendly but you can edit pretty much every aspect of the RAW image.

HDR: Photomatix. Unlike what I've said about UFRaw, Photomatix is very easy to use and explains each settings you can change, and how it affects the picture. The licence is 80 euros so that's not too much for a photography software.

General editing: Gimp. Gimp is the free, open source version of Photoshop. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to pay huge amount of money to Adobe. I have to admit though, it is not user friendly and I sometimes have a hard time finding how to do what I want to do.