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Most of today's malware issues can be removed easily by running a few basic programs. They include the following.

1. Adwcleaner
2. Junkware Removal Tool
3. Malwarebytes

Specific instructions will be included later in this post.

For the more elaborate infections such as rootkits and browser redirects we must use other programs. They include the following.

1. Tdsskiller
2. Aswmbr

There mare many more programs available to use but we will determine if they will be needed after seeing the logs from your scans.

So if you are still wanting help to remove any possible infections please run the following programs and post results of the logs.


Please download AdwCleaner onto your Desktop.

•Please close all open programs and internet browsers.
•Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool. Please click on yes to allow Adwcleaner to run on your system.
•Click on Scan.

•After the scan, the clean button will be replaced by the clean button which you will need to click on to delete the adware.
•Your computer will be rebooted automatically. A text file will open after the restart.
•Please post the content of that logfile in your reply.
•You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[Sn].txt as well - n is the order number.


Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.

•Shutdown your antivirus to avoid any conflicts.
•Very important that you run the tool in this manner:
Right-mouse click JRT.exe and select Run as administrator
Do NOT just double-click it. Again, please press ok to let the program run on your system.
•The tool will open, you will need to press a key for the program to start scanning.

•Please be patient as this can take a while to complete.
•On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.
•Post the contents of JRT.txt in your next message.


Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.
  • Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.
  • Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

[*]Click on the scan now button and let it start scanning your system.
[*]When the scan is complete, please make sure all entries are checked and click on quarantine.
[*]A log will be saved automatically which you can access by clicking on the the reports tab on the left and then click on scan report. You can open that report and copy and paste the contents in your reply.

If for some reason Malwarebytes will not install or run please download and run Rkill.scr, Rkill.exe, or If you are still having issues running rkill then try downloading these renamed versions of the same program.


But DO NOT reboot the system and then try installing or running Malwarebytes. If Rkill (which is a black box) appears and then disappears right away or you get a message saying rkill is infected, keep trying to run rkill until it over powers the infection and temporarily kills it. Once a log appears on the screen, you can try running malwarebytes or downloading other programs.


Download OTL to your Desktop

•Double click on the icon to run it. Again click on yes to allow it to run. Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted.
•Click on Minimal Output at the top
•Click the Quick Scan button. Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so. The scan may take a few minutes.
◦When the scan completes, it will open two notepad windows. OTL.Txt and Extras.Txt. These are saved in the same location as OTL. Just post the OTL.txt file in your reply.

Then post the logs from the following 4 programs.

1. Adwcleaner
2. Junkware removal tool
3. Malwarebytes
4. OTL
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