Windows 10 usb not working suddenly


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So, the keyboard, mouse, and speakers work in the 3.0 and 2.0 ports of the motherboard. What is not working is the bluetooth adapter, and any flash drives I plug in. I first thought the bluetooth was just bad so I bought a new one. Then while trying to get the new one to work I needed to plug a flash drive in and found that those are not being populated either. When I plug both the bluetooth and the flashdrives in, Windows plays its connection sound like it sees them but I can not get them to work. The drives do not show up as being there and even the disconnect icon in the tray is not there for me to use before unplugging.

In the device manager, the only thing that pops up as having a driver issue is the bcm20702a0 from the bluetooth. I can not get that to install a driver. Windows finds one online but then fails to install it. I thought maybe the motherboard is going bad but then why is everything working except for the items that actually need to be recognized. The motherboard is an Asrock z87 extreme4.


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How long has this system been built? Usb issues can be from shorting out. Either a standoff in the wrong spot or possibly the I/O plate may have a piece of metal inside the port. What I would do is take the motherboard out of the case and try it that way.